Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ribbon Topiary

Here is a cute ribbon topiary!  Twinkle Star at Twinkles, Tutus & Twirls has an excellent detailed tutorial on how you can easily make these.  What a cute decoration for a baby shower, especially in these colors!

There is even a cute wreath that you could make to match!  Go visit Twinkles, Tutus & Twirls to see even more cute party ideas, and of course cute little tutus and twirls! 

P.S. Try this tongue-twister and repeat three times:  Twinkles, Tutus & Twirls, Scribbles and Swirls, Scribbles and Swirls!!!


Twinkle Star said...

Ha ha! Love the tongue-twister, made me smile! Thanks for featuring me! x

~ Tami said...

I thought it was funny. :) and had to share.

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