Thursday, October 27, 2011

Scrabble Tile Wreath

Has anyone else been looking for the old wooden Scrabble tile games?  I know first hand that they are hard to come by.  Katie at Creative Outlets of a thrifty minded momma was able to find two board games

 and came up with such a cute idea.  How creative - and you could even change up the larger tiles for different holidays.  Here is what I did with my tiles around Valentine's Day:
 I was pretty proud of myself back then but now rethinking my game plan and in search for another board game to try a wreath like hers.  Go visit Katie at Creative Outlets of a thrifty minded momma  to find out how easy it is to make this from the craft table to your door in no time!


Katie said...

Thanks for featuring my wreath... yay! I am really fortunate in that an antique store right around the corner has a huge bowl full of old tiles that you can buy individually :o) FYI, I love your new baby girl :o)

~ Tami said...

Thank you and thanks for following. I loved your wreath the moment I saw it! Come visit again soon :)

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