Saturday, October 29, 2011

Framed Scribbles

This is my favorite Scribble of all time and sort of got the wheels turning and set this blog in motion. Why you ask?  Well that's my daughter (whom I caught in the act) so lovingly showing me
 how she scribbled her masterpiece on our wall and then so kindly described it in full detail along with "I love you Mommy" "Is it your FAVORITE"?  Well of course it's my favorite, and I didn't have the heart to erase it.  What to do, what to do?  Well I first posted it on my Facebook page for a good laugh since I felt guilty for trying to clean it up, and then received the sweetest comments and advice from my friends.  "You're crafty - frame it mom, DUH!"  So I did and it is now part of our Gallery Wall in the hallway.

She's pretty proud of it and I even let her fix up the parts that were rubbed off before :)   It didn't feel right posting her masterpiece on my other blog Curb Alert!, so I came up with the idea of the lovelier side of me, the things that I consider pretty.  Hence the name "Scribbles and Swirls", because these masterpieces are the most beautiful ones of all.  In all of the chaos I have to remember that my children are "making memories, not messes!"

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